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  • Support UK farmers, producers and growers.

    Know where your food really comes from


    Support your local economy by buying fresh organic produce from local sources.

  • Buy UK reared, organic meat and poultry

    Support animal welfare


    The UK has higher animal welfare standards than other parts of the EU.

  • Fresh organic veg. More love, no chemicals

    Eat fresher, healthier food


    Organic growers use no chemicals. Better for you, better for the environment

  • Get the family involved in real cooking

    Using real organic ingredients


    Healthy, family food should be cooked, not manufactured.

Find your organic food

Looking for real food, organically grown and reared by UK farmers that's fresh, seasonal and unadulterated? Want to ensure that the meat you buy has come from farms with the highest animal welfare standards? Trying to avoid the supermarkets? Welcome to Foodbox.org A guide to buying real organic food from local, regional and national producers that can be delivered to your door.

Find real food

Find local and national suppliers and fine tune the search to your needs. Suppliers listed certified organic and conform to high animal welfare / farming standards. You wont find any turkey twizzlers here!

Sell real food

Become a member, list your services and products and reach out to new customers. Help the UK population move away from supermarket dross, back to real food and real cooking!

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Switching to local suppliers for most, if not all of your culinary needs makes sense on a number of levels. The bottom line is that its fresher, healthier, from happier livestock and it's cheaper than the supermarkets. Join the thousands who are already enjoying local organic food and box schemes in the UK!

Fresh produce

The produce, both vegetables and meat will be far fresher than that found in supermarkets.

Cost effective

The cost of the produce will be less (and better) than the supermarkets, organic included.

Local Economy

Profits go back to the local and regional economy, rather than to international shareholders.


Food boxes can be delivered to your door, saving you time, expense and traffic jams!.

Farm Fair

The farmers receives a fairer price for their produce rather than prices being dictated to them.


Having a fresh box of meat and veg can encourage the whole family to get involved in real cooking.

Animal welfare

All meat from suppliers comes from organic and/ or high animal welfare farms. No factory farms here!

The environment

Seasonal fruit & veg from down the road. Not unseasonable fruit & veg from the other side of the planet.