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Healthy fresh food

Healthy food

Healthy fresh food

It should come as no surprise to anyone that eating fresh food is better for you than processed 'engineered' food. We're constantly reminded of that fact through the media and yet still large swathes of the population choose not to partake in a regime of healthy cooking perhaps due to time constraints, perceived additional costs or just a lack of interest.

Ready meals can be an attractive solution to time strapped busy people who believe cooking real meal will take an age. In reality a wholesome meal can be created in minutes. Taking a peek into the ready meal world may put a few people off.

Ready meals are manufactured in factories by companies. The goal of these companies is to make money, not to ensure you receive adequate nutrition. They need to make a tasty product, for as lower cost as possible. The simplest way to achieve this is to rely on the three things that offer quick an instant gratification, salt, sugar and fat. Conveniently, these three things are also very cheap, albeit not particularly healthy but hey, it's the bottom line that counts in business. The end result are meals, available from around £1.00 upwards, that offer little nutritional value, taste 'manufactured' and contain many ingredients that should not be found in real food!

In reality, good wholesome meals can be cooked in a reasonable time from raw meat and vegetables that are both healthy and tasty. The lack of sugar and salt will of course also have numerous health benefits to you and your children. Additionally, cooking can and should perhaps, be a family affair with kids learning about, and how to cook good food.

Chemicals can be found in all sorts of foods from additives and preservatives to more sinister residues such as glyphosphates. Ideally to avoid these 100% one should opt for organic produce as the certification has strict policies against such nasties however the non organic small producer will undoubtedly have less need for the use of chemicals being a more manageable sized operation.

Eating healthily is low cost, fun, tasty and educational. There’s no excuse!