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Genetically modified Granny Smith

GMO Apple

Genetically modified Granny Smith

The United States are planting their first commercially grown GM Apples. The apples, developed by a small Canadian firm, have just received approval from the USDA and will be the first approved GM apple in the USA.

These freeky apples have obtained the ability to defy natural forces by not turning brown as they age. When an apple is maltreated, thrown about a bit, bruised or cut the damaged areas turn brown, a useful indicator for the consumer as to the general state of the apple. These new GM apples will apparently still turn brown but at a far far slower rate thus giving the false appearance that its in good order!

Oddly, is there really a need for such a beast? Surely if the US Apple Association expressed concern back in 2012, as they did, then perhaps this isn't such a good idea?

One has to ask how long it will be until such a product pops up in Europe after the small Canadian company has been bought by Monsanto!

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