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About food boxes

About food boxes

Food box schemes have become very popular over the last few years as a way of buying fresh organic vegetables and meat and their popularity is certainly gaining momentum as shoppers concern themselves more and more as to exactly where their food comes from and whats in it. Additionally, organic vegetable and meat box schemes are remarkably cost effective when compared to the big four supermarkets, Tescos, Sainsbury's, Aldi and Morrisons. In almost all cases the shopper will make a saving by subscribing to a food box scheme.

Many food box schemes are Organic, many are not, and wether the shopper chooses organic produce is of course a personal choice. However, the meat in organic box schemes always comes from high welfare animals. 

This high animal welfare is guaranteed due to the Soil Accossiations certification requirements.  Importantly, all meat should be easily traced to a local or national farm with clear labels as to its origin. There should be no need to rely on, or buy, imported fresh meat. Its all on our doorstep.

When deciding on which organic vegetable or meat box scheme to sign up to, always check to see where their produce comes from. A food box supplier should be proud of how their food is sourced and therefore should be shouting about it on their website and social media.

Our aim is to bring all the suppliers together in one place making it easy for the conscientious shopper to find quality, delivered-to-the-doorstop, meat, vegetables and other produce.