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Food labeling - Pork

Pork Labeling

Food labeling - Pork

Labeling is a really quirky, grey area of food production and marketing. On one side are those that care about what is in their food and where it came from and simply ask that producers and processors state these two fundamental pieces of information. On the other side are those that constantly create new complex and creative accreditation to bamboozle the consumer, often to hide oddities or lead us into a false sense of 'doing right by the animal'. In the pork world for example the 'Red Tractor' accreditation is just about off the bottom as far as animal welfare and general standards go, yet one is lead to believe that its a perfectly acceptable or even good badge to have. Even the RSPCA Freedom Food accreditation has been shown to have little if any actual standard attached to it.

All to often, the pork produce in the supermarkets carries no badge at all. This is guaranteed to be from an intensive factory operation and has attached to it, some serious concerns.

What do all the badges and standards mean? Here's a simple breakdown provided by the Farms not Factories campaign. An excellent, graphical way to explore the standards at a glance.

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