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Woodlands Farm
Boston, Lincolnshire, PE20 1JD
01205 724778

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Woodlands Farm

Woodlands Farm lies on the fertile Lincolnshire fens in an area known as South Holland. Situated five miles south-east of Boston the farm consists of level silt fields which were reclaimed from the sea by the monks of Crowland Abbey some nine hundred years ago. This is a landscape of wide-open skies and colossal skies – 'all sky and geometry' the poet John Clare once said. Tractor Woodlands is a 690 hectare mixed organic farm, meaning we grow vegetables, arable crops and keep livestock. The fertility and structure of the soil is enhanced by our cattle, turkeys, sheep and chickens, all of whom play their part in our traditional crop rotations. The soil at Woodlands is grade one alluvial silt, ideally suited for vegetables, especially brassicas for which the area is famous. The farm is a popular feeding ground for sea birds: lapwings, shelduck, herons and numerous white-winged gulls. Hares abound, bright-eyed, spry, as brown as the soil. From the farm it’s possible to see six church spires, a feature of our area.
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